Friday, 13 May 2011

About The Recent Downtime

My cat, Sherlock, is unimpressed with Blogger
If you were wondering why today's Word Of The Week and Community/Parks & Rec reviews didn't go up, or why yesterday's posts disappeared altogether, Blogger experienced almost a full day's worth of downtime during which they had to go to read-only mode and revert to a former state, hence the missing posts. Here's their official line on the situation. Not a great Friday 13th for Google.

Fortunately, things seem to be back to normal now. The Community/Parks reviews will go up tomorrow (Edit: Here they are!), as I still have one episode of Parks left to watch, ahead of Doctor Who. 'Word Of The Week' will be left until next Friday, since I have to write some of next week's articles in advance due to my being away on Tuesday and most of Wednesday, which unfortunately means the review of Chuck's season finale could be delayed for a day or so. On the plus side, there are strong rumours going around that the series is somehow set for another renewal: great news if it comes true, but I can't pretend I wouldn't still be astonished given its plummeting ratings. Everything else, including Wednesday's entry in the 'Games Wii Forgot' feature, will be on schedule.

Apologies for the delays, but also thanks to everyone who has visited and participated in the blog so far. Only three weeks in, all my expectations have been blown away and it's fantastic to see some recurring commenters - special appreciation on that score to Lers and Silent Hunter. It's amazing that even so early on, the seeds of a community are beginning to blossom. (If your comments on yesterday's posts don't reappear, I'm afraid that could be a result of Google's struggles). With fingers crossed for no more unwelcome interruptions, let's get everything moving again and back on track - you have my word that there's a lot to look forward to!

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Silent Hunter said...

Thanks for the appreciation!

The Blogger thing was annoying - I was planning on doing a post on Thursday only to find the site was done. Alas, I have now forgotten what it was.