Monday, 6 June 2011

E3 2011 Coverage

If you are reading this blog, you are probably aware that E3, the most important event in the games industry's calendar, is taking place in Los Angeles over the next few days. Microsoft's conference kicks off the festivities, where they are expected to show a range of titles to support their Kinect motion sensor, with Sony, who may well follow suit in trying to rekindle enthusiasm in their PlayStation Move as well as pushing their upcoming 'NGP' (next-generation portable) handheld, and Nintendo, who will be showing off their  home console successor to the Wii, hot on their trail within the following twenty-four hours.

Since I already have a lineup of articles for this blog and Flixist keeping me busy over the next week, the best way for me to cover the event will be as one article detailing the key talking points, analysing what each may mean for the future, and judging who of the three console manufacturers had the best showing, followed by a second listing my choice of standout games. The first article will probably go up on Wednesday, although Tuesday night is possible if I have the time. Since I don't do news posts on this blog, you can follow E3 as it happens on Destructoid, where I may be lending a hand if need be. Follow the jump for a timetable of the big conferences (GMT), plus a list of sites where they can be streamed live.


Monday June 6th
- Microsoft: 5.30pm
- Electronic Arts: 8.30pm
- Ubisoft: 10.20pm

Tuesday June 7th
- Sony: 1.00am
- Nintendo: 5pm


- YouTube
- GameSpot
- Nintendo
- PlayStation Home stream details

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