Thursday, 22 September 2011

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ON SUNDAY + Next month on the blog

As usual, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited (and returned to!) the blog over the past few months. All the support and comments which have come in are enormously appreciated and spurring me on to work harder, grow the readership ever further and try out new and more ambitious projects. Double thanks to everyone who participated in the first ever Reader Vote, incidentally - already the resulting article, The Naked Truth: Alison Brie, is one of the blog's most popular to date. So, excellent choice! And thanks to Alison Brie as well, not only for being such a perfect subject to write about, but also responding to the tweet in which I announced the article.

Speaking of ambitious new projects, you may recall my mentioning a month or so ago that I was working on a huge new feature, with hopes of getting it up and running in October. Well, it's on track and you can expect an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ON SUNDAY. Caps for massive importance. It's very different from anything that has been on the blog so far - although those who have read the Welcome post may be able to get an inkling of what is to come - and should give it something to distinguish it from the myriad other gaming/movie/television sites out there. Make sure you check in this Sunday - you won't look back, but mustn't look down...

Rest assured, that new feature doesn't mean the blog is changing course, though. In addition to ongoing coverage of the new television season, I'm going to be at the Eurogamer Expo 2011 all today, from which you can expect to see previews for major upcoming games being published over the next week. In the final two weeks of October, all being well, I will also be attending the London Film Festival, which should mean a huge number of reviews for unreleased films.

In other words, it should be another spectacular month. Thanks again to everyone who has helped the blog get this far, but this is only the beginning! Get site updates by following on Facebook and Twitter if you don't already - and be sure to visit Flixist for the best movie community on the web and all the latest Hollywood news. Any suggestions for improvements to the blog are welcome, just leave a comment. Hope to see you around!

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