Saturday, 26 April 2014

DEAD DROP revisions now live on Amazon

As mentioned on my Twitter last week, I've been working on a couple of revisions to the DEAD DROP ebook, both Standard and Special editions, which went live on Amazon on Good Friday.

The changes are almost entirely cosmetic, the most notable being a change to more standard ebook text formatting (removing the empty lines between paragraphs, adding indentations) based on feedback I've received. An extra blurb has been added to the 'About The Author' page, plus links to this blog, Facebook and the aforementioned Twitter, while a few spelling mistakes have also been corrected and a handful of adjustments made to the prose/dialogue to keep them flowing smoothly or distinguish the characters' voices a little more. In all likelihood, nothing anyone will notice.

If you've already bought the book (thank you!), you should be able to download it again to receive the latest version. Anyone buying new (welcome!) should get it automatically. Because the new formatting is a little more complex than the previous version, get in touch if anything is out of place. I've tested it extensively so, fingers crossed, there shouldn't be any problems, but it'd be very useful to hear should anything unusual be spotted in the wild, so to speak.

Thanks kindly, and please consider leaving a review if you enjoy the book as much as I hope you do!