Sunday, 25 January 2015

New Year Update on the DEAD DROP sequel!

The first update for 2015 on the DEAD DROP sequel!

My aim when starting out was to have the book published one year from its start date, which would mean a release date of late May 2015. Even with the first draft telling a story much bigger and lengthier than planned, it's still on course to meet that deadline, though a delay isn't out of the question depending on how long the editing process takes: with the scale of the plot, the action and its themes bigger and more ambitious than anything I've written before - as sequels should be - it's a tough call. However, end of May remains the target for release. As you'll discover soon enough, Robert Armstrong understands the frustration of a long wait.

As far as title and plot announcements go, the timing is also dependent on a few decisions to be made in editing, but if all goes to plan, hopefully in the next two months or so. That's a fair old wait for sure, but it'll be worth it if the book lives up to its potential. Your support, whether on DEAD DROP or my writing elsewhere, means the world to me and I want to make sure to deliver a story which blows away all expectations.

Meanwhile, a small DEAD DROP update as well: thanks to VAT changes in Europe, Amazon have automatically raised some of the prices on both editions of the book in that region. If you buy through Smashwords, prices are still the same and the best value no matter where you are. Some time after the sequel is out, I'll be raising prices to a more standard level ($2.99 for the basic edition) but DEAD DROP will remain at its current price until then and the sequel will also start out at that price as an introductory promotion. In other words, when it does arrive, be sure to pick it up quickly!

Finally, a few words to whet your appetite for the adventure to come:








Speak soon!