Friday, 15 July 2011

Word of the week #11

Today is a big day for Harry Potter fans. Is this the last we'll be seeing of the character who has grown up alongside a generation and changed the face of both literature and film? I'll be seeing Deathly Hallows Part II and posting a review later today, both her and on Flixist, but however it turns out, no-one can deny the impact that the series has had on popular culture and the enormous achievements both of JK Rowling and the crew of the Potter movies for making it happen.

In honour of the age of Potter apparently coming to a close - that world may continue, but I'd be surprised if Rowling returned to the character in any meaningful way, no matter how many times she hints otherwise - today's word has a certain gothic aura about it. Make up your own joke about it being a difficult word to 'spell'. Pun! Your word of the week is...

Adjective: Describes something spooky and otherworldly, originating from the 16th Century Old English words el (foreign, strange) and rīce (kingdom), translating literally as 'of a strange kingdom'. Often associated with witchcraft, old magic and the unknown world. Pronounced as written.

Example: Religious zealots have often used Harry Potter as a platform for their views, accusing the books of promoting the eldritch practices of black magic and sorcery.


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