Monday, 1 August 2011

August on the blog

First off, I'd as ever like to thank everyone who visited the blog this month and helped it continue to grow. Your support is enormously appreciated and I hope you have enjoyed what you read enough to pay many return visits!

This is a quick message both as an excuse to post another photograph of my dog, Oddjob, and to let you know that my posting rate is going to be slightly below normal this month. There should still be several updates a week at least - in addition to the usual random stuff, my Breaking Bad coverage will of course continue as usual, as will Word of the Week, plus reviews of any films I see (Captain America is set for tomorrow, Super 8 the week after) and games I play (Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii is released in the UK on August 19th, then Deus Ex: Human Revolution follows on PC a week later) while Doctor Who also starts again at the end of the month. I have heard that the animated Black Dynamite series may also be starting soon, in which case you can expect some of that action too - unless I have been deceived by KUNG-FU TREACHERY! Ahem.

There are two main reasons for this reduced activity: the first is so that the blog's presentation can be refined ahead of the new television season starting in September (any suggestions are very welcome in the comments); the second is because I'm planning a very big, extremely cool new feature which will take a lot of work and preparation, but I'm hoping to get it going before the end of the year at the absolute latest. It's something quite different to the content that has been on offer so far, but definitely right up the street of anyone who has enjoyed the sort of stuff I have been covering. No definite date yet, but sometime between October and December is the goal. It's something you won't see anywhere else, and you can be sure that I'll let you all know when it is on the way.

Until then, whilst this month might be marginally quieter than usual, I can promise you that there will still be a heck of a lot to enjoy - so stay tuned! In the meantime, thanks again for all that support and your comments and Google +1 votes!

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