Wednesday, 2 November 2011

London Film Festival Recap + Awards (via Flixist)

I have been covering the 2011 London Film Festival fairly extensively over the past ten days, first and foremost for Flixist but posting each review here a short time afterwards.

Below is a link to the LFF Recap and Awards article I wrote for Flixist, including selections for Best Film, Best Actor and Actress, plus a few other categories. There are also links and summaries for every review I wrote (and one that I didn't) during my Festival coverage - Madonna's W.E. proved so 'special' that it gets an award all of its own. There might not have been any truly standout films this year, but there was plenty to merit discussion - I would be very surprised to see my choice for 'Best Film' end up on any one else's shortlists!

UPDATE:  This was originally posted on Facebook and Twitter, but seemed worth adding to this post as well. I'm not going to be doing reviews of the other two films I watched during the LFF - too much other work to be done - but for the record, I would give The Artist (Hazanavicius, 2011) a score of [ 7 ], or 78% on Flixist - it has many hysterical moments, but is dragged down later by repetitive dreariness - and We Need To Talk About Kevin (Ramsay, 2011) a [ 6 ], or a Flixist 65% - Tilda Swinton is as fantastic as ever, but the film is far too on-the-nose about how evil li'l Kevin is. Ezra Miller might as well be wearing horns for all the glowering and devious grinning he does.

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