LAST LINE: The sequel to DEAD DROP

As riots rage on the streets of London, a bank robbery puts Britain's most dangerous secrets in the hands of an Irish terrorist with a bloody score to settle. Honora Blakely finds herself the nation's last line of defence in a secret power struggle that could end in civil war, while the only person she can trust hasn't been seen for twenty years and has demons of his own to conquer.

Set two decades after the events of DEAD DROP, LAST LINE reunites Honora Blakely and Robert Armstrong for an explosive adventure taking them from a chase across the rooftops of Kowloon Walled City to war-torn Belfast and riots on the London streets, facing off against renegade Irish nationalists, villainous bankers and deceitful politicians.


HONORA BLAKELY: An adventurer, scientist and industrialist, Blakely finds herself implicated in a robbery with consequences which could ignite civil war across the country.

ROBERT ARMSTRONG: An exiled British war hero still haunted by the death of his closest friend, Armstrong returns to fulfil a twenty-year old promise to Honora.

DOMHNALL BUCHANAN: A bloodthirsty Irish terrorist fighting for his country's freedom and revenge for his mutilation at the hands of the British.

SIR ROGER DALSTON: A high-ranking civil servant with affiliations to a secretive Club operating outside the jurisdictions of government.

AUREL HOFFMANN: A Swiss-born trader and investor at the global bank, IBCC, Hoffmann is a master at manipulating chaos into profit.


You can buy LAST LINE from the UK marketplace here, or the US marketplace here. The book comes in two flavours: the SPECIAL EDITION (105k words) contains a 10k word 'Making Of' feature, 'Analysing Last Line: How To Write An Action Thriller Sequel', while the Standard Edition (95k words) comes without the additional feature.

The Special Edition is available for £2.25/$3.50 and the Standard for £1.99/$2.99.