Friday, 29 April 2011

Word of the week

Here goes my first attempt at a regular feature. Once I'm a bit more used to the demands of writing both here and for Flixist, I'll hopefully be able to come up with more of these and get a nice rotation going. Feel free to make feature suggestions in the meantime. For now though, I'll kick off with something short and fun. The English language is full of strange, ridiculous words and I love it when a new one pops up out of the blue. This feature, which will appear every Friday, aims to bring a few of those words to light. Extra points if you somehow manage to casually toss them into everyday conversation somehow. For this week's word, I thought I'd go for something vaguely appropriate for a first entry in a words feature. If you can slip this one into a chat with no-one noticing, you are probably some sort of casual conversation Übermensch (heh heh). Or it could just be that no-one's listening to you.

Your word of the week is...


Adj: A ridiculously long word that pertains to the use of ridiculously long words, making it autological (aka having the properties it describes). If you are afraid of the use of long words, that would mean you are a Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobe.



Anonymous said...

Great word, but a bit long to drop into conversation... an easier one next time would be good!

Lers said...

It's not too long! Just try harder.
I say the weirder the words the better.

Lers said...

By try harder, I mean try harder to use it in a conversation, haha.