Monday, 23 May 2011

Summer Brie-cap: The best of Community, Parks & Rec and Chuck

With Community, Parks & Recreation and Chuck's seasons all ending over the past ten days, plus Doctor Who's summer break only two episodes away, there are not only a few gaps in my schedule for the summer, but we're also waving off one of the strongest years of television comedy for a very long time. It's also going to be an agonising wait until the heavenly Alison Brie is back on our screens, so the header photo is for anyone who might already be suffering withdrawal symptoms. Don't be shy. We're in this together.

In addition to the remaining episodes of Who and Archer, from next Monday I'll be going back over the first season of Breaking Bad, a programme I've somehow never watched before despite its enormous acclaim and the presence of star Bryan Cranston (Hal from Malcolm In The Middle, as I've known him until now), before deciding whether or not to keep following the show when it returns with new episodes on July 17th. Reviews of the new South Parks will start appearing from this Thursday, before Futurama returns on June 23rd.

For now though, follow the jump for a tribute to the three shows which have gone on hiatus for the summer, in the form of a selection of the finest scenes and moments from the past year. (Unfortunately the Chuck clips I wanted refused to embed, so they're in the form of links instead).
COMMUNITY - Chloroforming The Janitor ('Accounting For Lawyers')

PARKS & RECREATION - Stop. Pooping! ('Flu Season')

COMMUNITY - Blanket Fort Chase ('Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design')

PARKS & RECREATION - Ron And The Swivel Chair ('The Bubble')


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