Friday, 6 May 2011

Word of the week #2

Last week's word was said by one of the commenters to be too much of a challenge to drop into everyday conversation. While the challenge is supposed to be part of the fun of this feature, I can see their point. This week brings something a little easier to work with, at least thanks to it having a reduced number of syllables, but could lead to some very odd questions if not used in the proper context. On the other hand, it's the sort of word that someone with the right sense of humour would definitely want to use a context that couldn't be any more wrong. Either way, it's a good 'un.

Your word of the week is...

Noun: The moistening of something through the act of sprinkling. E.g. "His hose is giving great spargefaction to her grassy verge." 

Good luck with that.


1 comment:

Lers said...

Seriously, I was going to make an innuendo out of this word this morning, but obviously YOU BEAT ME TO IT.

Keep up the good work.