Friday, 10 June 2011

Word of the week #6

This week's word is brought to you by Archer. It's a series which always has fun with language and the most recent episode, despite its flaws elsewhere, offered up one particularly memorable example.

There were two words to choose from, so I went for the one which will be easiest to fit into everyday conversation. Also, since it has clear French origins, you can sound all sophisticated while doing so. Perhaps even give a little shrug. Just don't surrender before getting the word out. Your word of the week is...

Noun: Sleight of hand; a skillful trick; a deception. Pronounced 'ledge-uh-de-main'. From the Middle French, literally meaning 'lightness of hand'.

Example: "Not really my legerdemain." "You mean bailiwick?"*

*Bailiwick: A person's area of authority or skill.


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Fronz said...

Love this word! Learned it long ago thanks to the Magic The Gathering card game I used to play a lot, and now only one or two nights a year. Learned a lot of awesome words from that game!