Friday, 29 July 2011

Word of the week #13

Choosing this week's word was looking easy, until I remembered at the last minute that Triskaidekaphobia - aka the fear of the number thirteen - was one of the words in Week #7. Almost every word I use in this feature, apart from those which randomly crop up during a relevant week, is selected from a list I have been compiling for a long time of words I find fascinating or amusing. My near-miss this week made me realise that I'd have to start marking all those which have already been used, for fear of committing the cardinal sin of repetition.

By a crazy coincidence, that leads me quite neatly to this week's real word. I wouldn't say it describes me all of the time, although as mentioned, I certainly have my moments when not paying attention. Your Word of the Week is...

Noun: Accident-prone; being in constant danger of making mistakes. 

Example: Sideshow Bob may be a criminal mastermind, but leave him in a yard full of rakes and he'll blunder around in a painful state of hamartithia.


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