Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Naked Truth: The Women Of The New TV Season


[The Naked Truth is a feature celebrating the lives and careers of the most talented women that pop culture has to offer. The fact that they're also all incredibly gorgeous is just a great excuse to post as many stunning images as possible. You can see more of this sort of thing at Flixist's Some Like It Hot feature.]

Last week saw the first entry in a new feature, The Naked Truth, focusing on the magnificent Zoë Saldana ahead of the UK release of Colombiana. With the new television season looming, it seemed inevitable that one of the many talented and gorgeous ladies set to grace the small screen was going to be the subject of the feature's second entry - but which one?

With such a vast number of fantastic actresses to choose from, it seemed unfair for me to be the one to pick, so instead the choice will go to you. Beneath the jump are eight women whom you can choose from to be the subject of the next Naked Truth article. Just leave a comment with the name you'd like to see come out on top - so to speak. Even with the selection limited to one actress per show, there are some real fan favourites in there, so make sure you get your vote in before the article goes up on September 21st!

Read on to pick your champion...

Alison Brie (representing Community): I'm going in alphabetical order, so we start with a comedienne whose reputation has taken off in recent years on the back of her hilarious performances as Li'l Annie 'Adderall' Edison on NBC's cult favourite, Community. On top of having an adorable factor that registers on the Richter Scale, Brie's comic timing and delivery make her stand out even in an ensemble with such gifted performers as Donald Glover, Danny Pudi and Gillian Jacobs (whom Brie edged out for a place in this vote - it probably wouldn't have appealed to Britta's feminist sensibilities anyway). If you want to read and see more of the greatest actress to ever be named after a French cheese, give her your support in the comments.

Amber Heard (representing The Playboy Club): Everyone's favourite muscle car driving, gun-toting Texan lesbian follows up her eye-melting showcase in the nearly-decent Drive Angry 3D with The Playboy Club, a '60s-set drama seeking to rub off on the success of Mad Men by throwing Hugh Hefner's iconic bunnies into the mix. Early reviews haven't been encouraging, with the 'empowerment' message supposedly lost amid a colony of brightly-coloured basques and bunny ears, but if the excellent Miss Heard tickles your fancy, give her your vote of confidence.

Karen Gillan (representing Doctor Who): Okay, so the second half of new Who's sixth season is already two episodes in. It seemed completely unjust to ignore Karen Gillan, though, given how her turn as Amy Pond is making her one of the most talked about companions since the programme returned. Admittedly, not all of it is positive - The Oncoming Hope blog has a piece about why the Ponds are not doing themselves justice in their support of The Doctor - but Gillan's charisma and dry wit have carried the character through even some of the more questionable writing. Leave a comment with her name to show your allegiance to amazonian Scottish redheads everywhere. Or maybe just this one in particular.

Kat Dennings (representing 2 Broke Girls): Okay, so anyone who saw the trailer for 2 Broke Girls, the new sitcom from Sex & The City's Michael Patrick King, will know that it doesn't look promising to say the least. Intrusive laughter track? Check. Clunky one-liners? Check. However, if there's one reason to give it a look (or two reasons, if we're doing those kinds of jokes), it's the formidable Kat Dennings. There was plenty of surprise when the announcement came through that she would be doing a sitcom, because her movie career seemed on the verge of taking her to superstardom. That said, it could be a canny move: weekly exposure to Denning's gritty brand of sarcasm could grow her fanbase exponentially, especially if she ends up single-handedly carrying the programme to success, as an actress of her skills has every chance of doing. Plus, she's got physical attributes with a habit of melting the internet, which may also be a help.

Minka Kelly (representing Charlie's Angels): Where Kat Dennings is all gothic wit and unimpressed stares, the newly-single Minka Kelly could overpower the sun with one of her smiles. Despite having been voted 'Sexiest Woman Alive' by Esquire magazine last year, Kelly hasn't fallen back on her looks to achieve success. She has been a television fixture for some time, most notably starring as Lyla Garrity in the acclaimed Friday Night Lights and having a recurring role in the comic drama Parenthood. Her movie career has been patchier, although she did win an MTV award for 'Best Scared As Shit Performance' in The Roommate. Hmm. Anyway, she's the best known of the lead actresses cast to headline the latest Charlie's Angels revival, so give her your vote if you want to see more of her without having to tune into a programme that is already looking one hell of a mess.

Rashida Jones (representing Parks & Recreation):  Anne Perkins! It's not just Rob Lowe's Chris Traeger who has reason to be delighted every time Rashida Jones pops up in the phenomenal Parks & Recreation. Daughter of Quincy Jones - yes, that Quincy Jones - and Peggy Lipton, Jones is a multifaceted talent to be reckoned with. Not only is she a Harvard graduate, but in addition to her successful screen career she has also turned her hand to singing and writing comic books. That's right, comic books. She's not only brilliant, adorable and unfairly talented, but also a geek. Parks & Rec struggled for a while to find the best use of her character, but she came into her own last season as a (slightly terrified) single woman on the hunt. Do what the men of Pawnee couldn't and make her your choice!

Yvonne Strahovski (representing Chuck): There is no greater compliment than to say Yvonne Strahovski's Sarah Walker has a legitimate claim to being this generation's Emma Peel (go and do some immediate research if that's a reference you don't catch). Yet anyone who has seen her showing off her awe-inspiring fighting skills and impeccable comic timing on Chuck will know that the compliment is thoroughly deserved. The warmth of her chemistry with co-star Zach Levi is one of the main reasons that the programme has found such a devoted fanbase and with only thirteen episodes to go before the Buy More closes forever (sniff), give it a good send-off by making Strahovski your pick for the sophomore Naked Truth article.

Zooey Deschanel (representing New Girl): Zooey Deschanel may be one of the New Girls when it comes to the upcoming television season, but my bet is that she's going to be near the top of the list when the votes for the next Naked Truth are tallied in two weeks' time. Where Alison Brie has madcap intensity, Kat Dennings has snarky wit, Rashida Jones has humble intelligence and Yvonne Strahovski the kick-ass moves, Deschanel is a juggernaut of adorable kookiness, encapsulating everything that The AV Club have come to term the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. From her bambi-eyed stare to musical skills, as half of her indie pop duo She & Him with M. Ward, even the most enthusiastic fans of the other actresses on this list are going to find it difficult to resist those eyes.

- - - - -

That's your lot. I'm not going to be policing particularly stringently - although if Zooey ends up getting two hundred votes from anonymous contributors, some suspicions might be raised! If you'd like to link to further proof of why your choice is the best one in your comment, however, feel free to do so. It's one vote per person, however, with the deadline being September 20th and the article going live the following day. May the best actress win!



Xander Markham said...

To get the voting started, my nomination is going to the excellent Alison Brie.

Tom said...

Alison Brie runs it close, but its gotta be Rashida Jones for me.

Carmi said...

Karen Gillan

Lers said...

Alison Brie is probably my number one, though Rashida is a close second!

Anonymous said...

Yvonne Strahovski please.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Alison Brie here.