Friday, 30 September 2011

Word of the week #22

I often have difficulty getting to sleep, meaning my body clock is easily thrown out of synch and I only manage to get to nod off into the morning, resulting in my waking up a lot later than I should. Incidentally, it may interest you to know that I'm writing this at 3am.

This week's word describes that situation and should be a pretty easy one to fit into conversation, especially if you either have to get up early or you live with someone like me, who has a habit of waking up later than they should.

Your word of the week is...

Noun: A person who stays in bed much later than they should. Pronounced as written. Its first recorded use was in 1592 and is a combination of the words 'sluggard' (an idle person) and 'abed' (in bed).

Example: "If only he'd stop working until the early hours of the morning, he might wake up earlier and not be such a slugabed."


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