Friday, 16 September 2011

Word of the week #20

Word of the week is a big fan of Archer. So much so that this feature has already taken inspiration from it once for week six's word. As you should all be aware, the new TV season is about to kick off - and I hope you have all cast your vote for your favourite actress, as the deadline is next Wednesday - and last night saw the return of TV's greatest and filthiest animated spy comedy. Although I'm out all of today, expect a review very soon.

Though I say spy comedy, the fact is that as funny as the spy stuff on Archer is, it can't hold a candle to the scenes set around the ISIS offices. Pam and Cheryl/Carol are possibly the programme's best double act, especially when supported by the likes of Mallory. She's a terrible boss, who not only rarely gives her workers their fair due, but often takes away what they've already earned. An office can be a pretty dispiriting place sometimes and that small reward can be enough to keep you going. Speaking of which, your word of the week is...

Noun: The gain received as a result of any kind of paid labour. Pronounced eh-moll-yue-ment, deriving from the Latin emolumentum, meaning a fee paid to a miller for grinding wheat. Molere means to grind, which is also where the name for the molar tooth comes from. So when someone describes their work as 'the daily grind', make sure you point out just how correct they are.

Example: The ISIS office staff were not pleased to discover that their emoluments were being used by Mallory to pay off a blackmailer in Monaco who was threatening to release her sex tape.


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